• Infrared spectrometer
    This instrument is suitable for liquid, solid, gas, metal surface coating and other samples. Detection of the molecular structure of the sample can be used for qualitative identification.
  • Digital thermometer and hygrometer
    Monitor the laboratory test temperature and humidity, and control the indoor temperature and humidity within the standard test range.
  • DC double arm bridge
    It is used to test the conductor resistance of single or stranded copper conductor.
  • Wire abrasion tester
    It is used to test the insulation layer of automobile wire, and test the scratch resistance of insulation with certain load, speed and reciprocating motion.
  • Withstand voltage tester
    Withstand voltage tester is an instrument to measure the withstand voltage strength. It can directly, accurately, quickly and reliably test the breakdown voltage, leakage current and other electrical safety performance indicators of various tested objects. It can be used as a high voltage source to test the performance of components and the whole machine.
  • Insulation resistance tester
    Insulation resistance tester is a kind of measuring instrument to test the insulation performance of electronic components, whole machine, dielectric materials, etc. It has the advantages of fast test speed, good stability, convenient operation and bad judgment.
  • Six group rocking testing machine
    The testing machine meets the requirements of UL817 and other relevant standards "general safety requirements for flexible wire and power cord". It conforms to IEC and other international standards. It is suitable for bending test of power cord and DC earphone cord by relevant manufacturers and quality inspection departments.
  • Projector
    It is mainly used to measure the insulation thickness of wire, inner diameter and outer diameter of bushing and other data analysis.
  • RoHS tester
    It is applicable to the detection of harmful substances in all products and parts. A device for analyzing the energy of X-ray fluorescence and detecting the elements and contents of the sample.
  • Needle flame testing machine
    It is suitable for the fire resistance test of single wire and cable insulation coating material.
  • Electronic scale
    It is used for weighing small products such as wire, rubber and copper conductor.
  • TH8002 constant temperature water tank
    The constant temperature water tank meets the UL758 / 1581, UL62 and other standards; it is suitable for various industries, with automatic temperature control, constant temperature function and high control precision.
  • Manual press, laser tool die
    The utility model is used for making dumbbell pieces for standard tests, belonging to tool operation equipment.
  • Microcomputer tensile testing machine
    It can be used for measuring the physical properties and adhesion of wire insulation before and after aging, and can test the tensile strength, elongation, tear, adhesive force, peeling force, shear force, adhesion force, connection force, etc. Using high-precision sensor, the sensor has the characteristics of high force measurement accuracy.
  • Needle flame testing machine
    The needle flame test is a simulation test project of using small flame ignition source program according to IEC60695-11-5 、GB/T5169.5、GB4706.1- 2005 and other standards.
  • Shore hardness tester
    The shore hardness tester is used to measure the thickness of rubber wire and insulating skin.
  • Test piece grinding machine
    This machine grinds rubber, EVA and other materials, and tests tensile force, tear, aging and tortuosity.
  • Constant temperature aging box
    Used for high temperature resistance test of wire insulation materials.
  • Insulation thickness tester
    The insulation thickness tester is designed for measuring the thickness of the insulator of the wire. It is in the form of a table. The meter is bolted on the base. It does not need a hand-held or needle type measuring clamp, and can accurately measure the deformed and tubular samples. According to UL1581 and other test standards.
  • Air exchange testing machine
    It is used for high temperature resistance and aging performance test of wire and bushing.
  • Standard light source color matching light box
    The box is suitable for the color control of products, and it is used to accurately control the color deviation of products.
  • Wire high voltage testing machine
    The special wire and cable products of this machine are tested for the insulation between cores or between cores and insulation skin. The high-voltage and high-voltage parts of the machine only use epoxy to pour the high-voltage transformer and dry regulator. Different from oil immersed transformer, it has the characteristics of small volume, light weight and beautiful appearance.